World-class Tyres & ALLOY RIMS




Assalam o Alaikum!

It is a great pleasure and honor to reach out to our customers through this message. Techno Motor Sports is being rated among the most reputed dealer of Tyres in Karachi. Our inspirations are triggered through our customer’s response therefore our main focus is to achieve customers satisfaction.

Techno Motor Sports store was established in 1980. Since then the company hasn’t looked back and in a span of time we became the leader among the dealers and distributor of tyres in Karachi. Our journey to innovate and expand continued and now, by grace of Allah (Almighty Alone) we are having the largest and state of the art Wheel Balancing & Alignment facility for all types of Cars, Mini Trucks and Vans to  best Pakistan standards. We also have wide range of superior quality of Alloy Rims in all the sizes.

We measure our growth in terms of our relationship with our customers. We claim that we offer to our customers is beyond the price we charge. Further,  we are environment friendly and take all measures to ensure minimum environmental disturbance.

Thank You.

Amir Jamal

General Tyre Dealer Karachi