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At Techno Motor Sports, Our nonstop venture in state-of-the-art technology paired with over 35 years of Pakistani marketplace and transportation experience allows us to provide variety of tyres designed for comfort by top most brands in Pakistan like General Tyre, Yokohama, Kumho Tires, Dunlop Tires, Sailun Tyres, they are best in performance and efficiency while vehicle on the Karachi’s road. When you search Tyre Shop Near Me, definitely you will find us. We provide safe tyres on wheels for you to enjoy the journey to your desire destination. As we are authorized dealer of Sailun Tyres Dearler in Karachi and authorized General Tyres Dealer in Karachi.  

We are also part worn tyres specialists, we provide deals on tyres, have one of the finest deals on make new and part worn tyres, also on alloy rims. Wide range of tyres and alloy rim sets at a very low price in Karachi. We sell trusted brand : General Tyre, Yokohama, Kumho Tires, Dunlop Tires, Sailun Tyres Bridgestone, Avon, Continental, Chinese Tyres and Imported Tyres in Karachi and etc, etc.

Most importantly we have shops at North Nazimabad Block B and Block A in Karachi, Pakistan that you can drive in, luckily we could provide your tyres at your Doorstep too all over in Karachi!


Although we appear to be a reputed Tyre Shop we have a small army behind our services on tire offer. We are ready to begin any issues related to car and van tyres, wheels and rims. We got ability to provide a fastest and professional mobile service for tyre replacement and repairs at your Doorstep on roads or anywhere in the Karachi, we are just one call away, Techno Motor Sports, the best Tyre Shop Near Me delivers with team of fitting mobile units on hours notice and supply accordingly, we do deliver and fit brand new alloy rim/ wheels to yours own or our offered brand new or used tyres in North Nazimabad Karachi.

Having vast solutions for all automotive tires and wheels facilities makes us different to other tyres and wheels workshops in Karachi.

OH YES WE CAN AND WE DO! We feel pride on ourselves with the quality of the products and services that we are supplying and delivering to people of Karachi since years. All our new and slightly used Imported Tyres, alloy wheels and some of our new stock come from China, Japan, Dubai. We always encourage to use local manufactures products as well.  Hence we sell the best quality tyres, alloy rim and wheels.



Through our steady struggle for better results, and trial and fault abolition process lead by our experience we came to discover the best suppliers of the tyres around the Karachi. Many brands we stock we feel they are the partners that we work with and we are confident to recommend according to customer needs and budget.

Imported Tyres in Karachi

So let’s get this right, Imported Tyres selling in Karachi. We have variety of Imported Tyres according to your choice and requirements, if any particular brand we do not have in stock we could definitely arrange that for you within 2-5 days time no matter what size or what brand you are looking for as we the best Tyre Shop Near Me called Techno Motor Sports

Car Tyres Karachi

Techno Motor Sports has one of the Karachi’s largest selections of car tyres, we are available at the lowest online prices as well with Doorstep service too. Choose from premium brands such as General Tyre, Yokohama, Kumho Tires, Dunlop Tires, Sailun Tyres Bridgestone or if you are looking for a bargain deal, we have a vast choice of mid range and economical  tyres to suit any budget. We have puncture fixing facility at our both shop with Compurterized Wheel Allignment and Wheel Balancing service by experts and experience fitters in Karachi at North Nazimabad Karachi.

We also have a large team of fitters in and around the Karachi area of North Nazimabad. So, if you’re looking for tyre fitters in Karachi, select Techno Motor Sports where you can order tyres online to be sent to your chosen location at the discounted and amazing price which no other Tyre Shop Near Me offers, because we are dealing with leading manufacturers as well as the best of the mid- and budget-range brands, such as General Tyres and Kumho or Chinese Tyres.

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